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Thursday, 02 July 2020

The U.S. economy added 4.8 million jobs in June as it struggles to recover from the business closures forced by the coronavirus pandemic, the government reported Thursday. However, another 1.4 million laid-off workers filed for unemployment benefits last week.

On This Day in American History
On July 2, 1776, the Continental Congress officially severs ties between the American colonies and Britain, but the wording of the formal Declaration of Independence is not published until two days later, on July 4. (Photo: The first printed version of the Declaration of Independence printed by John Dunlap of Philadelphia, printer to the Continental Congress.)

VIDEO: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and a broad range of U.S. lawmakers on Wednesday condemned China’s imposition of a sweeping new security law on Hong Kong. A bipartisan group of legislators threatened the Chinese Communist Party with sanctions for cracking down on free speech and assembly.

Top U.S. intelligence officials are set to brief key members of Congress Thursday on what is known and what is not known about an alleged Russian plot to pay militants for attacks on American and coalition forces in Afghanistan.

Independence Day is one of America’s favorite holidays and celebrated with a bang.  But most of the traditional parades, fireworks and festivals in many cities went by the wayside this year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Russians reportedly embraced changes to the country’s constitution in a weeklong national vote that ended Wednesday. The result was a controversial victory for President Vladimir Putin, as critics alleged vote-rigging.

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