‘We don’t know who has the virus and who doesn’t’

The current circumstances are difficult for us to navigate, especially when we must report from areas where social distancing is not practiced.

About this project

This project was produced by VOA’s Extremism Watch and Press Freedom desks. It includes a snapshot of restrictions and challenges for media covering COVID-19 worldwide and personal views of journalists who spoke with VOA.

We don’t know who has the virus and who doesn’t when we are reporting and interviewing people in the middle of crowded areas. When I come home from work, it’s impossible to separate myself from my children, even though I am unsure if I have contracted the virus.

Reporting under these conditions is very hard, but even then, we try our best to provide international coverage. And we have not lost hope. But if any of my children cough in the slightest, I fear the worst and wonder if I have exposed my child to the coronavirus.

DISCLAIMER: VOA advises its staff and stringers to follow social distancing and other health guidelines when reporting during the pandemic.