Government doesn’t want panic

Challenges facing us in Algeria are related to reaching the source of the information, and whether we wait for the daily briefings to update us. We are also facing challenges in reporting on the virus and contacting medical workers for information, as the Ministry of Health must give permission for journalists to talk to health workers.

About this project

This project was produced by VOA’s Extremism Watch and Press Freedom desks. It includes a snapshot of restrictions and challenges for media covering COVID-19 worldwide and personal views of journalists who spoke with VOA.

As journalists, we do have fears of contracting an infection during our work covering the virus. But as journalists, it is our duty to serve the public and offer information and coverage.

In general, the Algerian authorities’ attempt to criminalize any reporting on nonofficial numbers is to contain the state of panic and fear that is spreading among people since the first announcement of a confirmed COVID-19 case.

Other than that, Algeria has dealt in a good way with caution and limited freedom because the government doesn’t want people to panic.