“I know how to get elected in working-class districts.”

Photo of Tim Ryan

Tim Ryan

U.S. representative from northeastern Ohio

WITHDRAWN: Oct. 24, 2019

Tim Ryan believes he can unite the Democrat’s liberal base and the party’s blue-collar workers. “I’m a progressive who knows how to talk to working-class people, and I know how to get elected in working-class districts,” Ryan said in announcing his presidential bid on ABC’s morning talk show “The View.”

Accomplishments: Ryan entered politics in his 20s, serving for two years in the Ohio state Senate, before being elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2002 at age 29. He has served nine terms in Congress, earning a reputation as a centrist. He gained national media attention in 2016 when he challenged then-House minority leader Nancy Pelosi for the top Democratic leadership of the House, arguing it was time for new leadership. While Ryan lost the bid against Pelosi, he boosted his national profile.

Foreign policy: Ryan has long been critical of international free trade deals, which he said has cost jobs in his manufacturing district.

What sets him apart: Ryan represents a blue-collar northeastern Ohio area that swung strongly for Donald Trump in 2016. He says his experience representing a district that has lost manufacturing jobs in recent years has given him a unique perspective on how to help languishing working-class communities. The congressman is one of only a few Democratic candidates known for being a political centrist. He resisted that label, however, during his first interview after announcing his candidacy. Ryan has also written books on meditation and healthy eating.

Platform: As a congressman, he promised to push for job creation, including those in wind and solar energy. He is also calling for greater investment in public education and access to affordable health care. Ryan was previously opposed to abortion but changed his stance in 2015 to favor abortion rights.