Christian Martinez

An unlikely Trump supporter

My name is Christian Martinez and I am currently a college alumnus with a degree in accounting.

I enjoy evaluating situations and current economic situations with mutual perspectives. I am also very open to understanding what’s beyond the circle or square from what is given to me to see. But, I am also a very outgoing, adventurous, funny and very social person when I am on my free time. I surely love socializing with new people and understanding their perspectives and why they think a certain way. I love questioning the perspectives of people’s beliefs and understanding their ground. Overall, I’m very open to hearing opinions and will not get offended by any sensitive conversations.

Martinez’s choice: Republican nominee Donald Trump

Christian Martinez, 24, concedes that businessman Donald Trump may seem arrogant and out of touch to some — his proposed immigration policies include building a 3,000-kilometer wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and deporting the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the country — but counters that the Republican presidential nominee has staff of all races and ethnicities working for him.

“He has everyone working for him,” Martinez says. “Even though he’s making the top money off of it, he’s also giving jobs to people.”

Unlikely supporter

Latino supporters of Trump, like Martinez, are few and far between. A WSJ/NBC poll published in September shows a 48-point lead for Hillary Clinton over Trump in a four-way race among Hispanic registered voters, 65 percent to 17 percent.

Ironically, Martinez, who works as a reporting analyst at Univision Communications, suffered a personal blow on immigration policy. His undocumented father from El Salvador was deported when he was 13. [I was] left all on my own to find out what life is about,” he says.

“Stop deporting. Some people don’t deserve it. Some people do. And some people do deserve second chances.”

Martinez says he disagrees with Trump specifically on the issue of comprehensive immigration reform but thinks Trump has the nation’s best interests at heart.

“That’s just what happens in this country, and you have to work from it. I got affected by that. But in a sense, it made me a stronger person,” Martinez says.

“There’s a double-standard for everything and I believe that whoever is here already should stay here and we should limit the amount of people that should come in, because of the terrorism that’s going on,” he adds.

Christian Martinez, front center, is shown with friends at the CN Tower in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, June 2016.

Top five issues for Martinez

5. Hillary Clinton. “Liar. Working for banks and corporations.”

4. War. “Stop the violence, Muslims are not evil! Christians don’t hate Muslims. Politics hates anyone against them.”

3. Health care. “Everyone in this world deserves free medical treatment.”

2. Education. “Free education is a must! “Not-for-profit” schools are profiting too much. Schools are supposedly not for profit, but they receive so much money from government and us. And the tuition keeps increasing yearly.”

1. Economy. “This is what makes our time and hard work valuable as a whole. This is how we get free health care, education, serve the people and country.”

America: Headed in the wrong direction

With regard to the economy and social liberalism, Martinez says his country is on the wrong path. He believes the Federal Reserve and U.S. government should not provide bailouts to banks.

“The banks are the ones not supplying the loans to the people who need them,” he says. In the long term, he adds, “this leads to having excess reserves in the banking system and not creating circulation into our economy.”

“I believe too much liberalism will lead to a country’s downfall.”

Martinez says he considers himself socially conservative. On issues such as gay marriage, he believes a wide interpretation of the law sets a precedent for others — something he says goes too far.

“Ever since gay marriage laws passed, people have been asking for more, like pedophilia ‘love,’ making marijuana legal, gun control, coed bathrooms,” Martinez says. “I believe too much liberalism will lead to a country’s downfall. I’m not against gays or lesbians, I just feel like people are never satisfied with what they get.”